How do I get started with Training at Elevated Canine Academy?

The first step to enroll in any one of our Board and Train programs or private sessions is to schedule an evaluation. This allows us to observe your dog’s behavior, discuss your goals for them and briefly work with your dog so that we can recommend the best course of action.

The Board and Train evaluation (30 minutes) differs from the Private sessions evaluation in terms of duration and cost, with the private session (60 minutes) you will have more time for us to work with your dog and give you homework to get started on your training journey. The Board and Train evaluation is $90 and the Private Session is $185.

Who will be training my dog?

The ECA team has one head trainer, Oscar Mora and 4 additional full-time trainers. They each have a set capacity of dogs they can take in at one time to ensure the best results for our students and clients.

All of our trainers are experienced in working with a wide array of dogs, behavioral challenges and training levels; they have the full confidence of Oscar.

Do you offer boarding services?

ECA does offer boarding services to existing clients priced at $65/night. Non- existing clients can request boarding services, after an evaluation/initial training session ($185) we will be able to determine whether or not we can take in your dog for boarding.

The evaluation will allow us to observe your dog’s behavior and assist us in determining whether or not your pup would be a good fit for one of our trainers. We do not want to expose any one dog to stress or potential danger.

Why do I need to schedule an evaluation?

An evaluation is important for our professional trainers to observe any inappropriate or unwanted habits, and to gather a baseline of your dog’s behavior, especially in public. It also gives us a chance to discuss training goals, while creating realistic expectations for our students and clients.

Once the evaluation is complete, our trainers will be able to recommend an appropriate training program/package.

The reasoning behind boarding evaluations is that we want to make sure that the dog coming in to board with us will not pose a risk to any of our staff or students during their stay.

What happens after my evaluation?

After you have received professional recommendations from our trainers, we can begin scheduling your pup’s start date to enter training camp or start setting up your private sessions, all depending on what services you opt for.

We usually have a two-week lead time between the evaluation and the start date.

My dog shows aggression and has reactive behavior, can you help us?

If your dog shows aggression or has reactive behavior, we are more than happy to improve their obedience through behavior modification.

Depending on the severity of the behavior, we will be able to create a training plan with you and address each case individually.

Does my dog need to be neutered/spayed to join a training program?

ECA has no preference for intact or neutered and spayed dogs. We train them all!

During board and train programs, all dogs are closely supervised and never left unattended.

Where does my dog stay during their board and train program?

ECA is a lifestyle-based training academy, our goal is to create realistic training scenarios for our students. We pride ourselves in having a family-oriented program where our students will be able to transition easily when they are home.

Your assigned trainer will take your dog home with them and care for them just as if they were one of their own. They are always supervised and never left alone at home, they tag along to any errands, field trips and sleep safely in temperature controlled rooms in their assigned size-appropriate crates.

How often will I receive progress updates?

Depending on the program you choose, you will receive updates from once a week to 3 times a week. You will get a check-in photo, progress video and miscellaneous content showing you where they have been and what they have been working on during their stay.

What if my dog already completed a board and train program elsewhere?

If your dog has already completed a training program elsewhere and you are looking to simply improve or maintain their obedience, we welcome you and your pup with open arms!

After an evaluation, we will be able to determine how we can assist in their training.

I want my dog to do bite work, how do I get started?

At ECA, we believe protection work is the ultimate form of obedience.

In order to begin any bite or protection work, we strongly encourage clients to roll it out in phases.

Below is a typical training plan with the end goal of having a Personal Protection Dog (PPD):
1st phase — 3 to 5 week board and train program
2nd phase — 10 follow up training sessions

3rd phase — 2nd round of board and train (5 to 10 weeks) 4th phase — 10 additional follow up training sessions

During the phases, your dog will continue to be evaluated based on their performance and temperament. If there is any sign of handler misuse or irresponsibility, ECA has the right to refuse continued training. Not all “working” dog breeds enjoy or thrive under the pressure of personal protection.

Kurt Halvorson
Oscar is passionate about what he does and it shows! Bella just got home from board & train, and she is a totally new dog with great self-control. Oscar has taken a deep interest in her and is still checking in on her often to make sure things are going well… I highly recommend Oscar and ECA!!