Elevated Canine Academy’s Dog Training Camp is a innovative board and train program that gives you the ultimate level of control. Our Los Angeles dog training camps are designed for you to leave your dogs with us – to transform them into obedient, confident pets. Through the elements outlined in our dog training philosophy page, We aim to create an easy to live with companion that can go anywhere, respond to commands, and show proper etiquette towards people and other dogs.

We design an environment that values proper manners and reinforces inherent strengths. Board and train dogs are engaged in obedience exercises learning impulse control, proper etiquette, physical conditioning, and pack socialization. Whether you have a old dog in need of some new tricks, or an unruly pet that needs structure and foundation training, Our Los Angeles board and train camp is the best solution that we offer!

Private Sessions

Initial Assessment | $95 (≈ 30 minutes)

Private sessions require an initial 30-minute assessment. The initial session is needed for all new clients who wish to begin training with Elevated Canine Academy. This session allows us to observe your dog’s behavior, discuss your goals for them and briefly work with your dog so that we can recommend the best package for both of your needs. After the first lesson, you can purchase additional lessons individually or in a package.

Single Lesson | $185 (60-minutes)

During your lesson, your experienced trainer will check in with you on your goals and discuss your progress so far. They will work with your dog, guide you as a handler and give you set homework for your next lesson. Whether you want to work on loose leash walking, crate training, reactivity or sports, your trainer will customize each session to meet your needs.

Single Lesson | $95 (30-minutes)

This option is best-suited for puppies and dogs that are just beginning to train. The short session allows your dog to be engaged throughout the lesson and remain enthusiastic.

Series of 5 Lessons | $900 (60-minutes/lesson)

In between packages? This is an excellent choice for handlers who want to get a head start on their dog’s training before transitioning into a Board and Train program.

Series of 5 Lessons | $450 (30-minutes/lesson)

Perfect for handlers with precise goals and a committed timeline.

Virtual Puppy Lesson $155 | 45 minutes

Just brought home a pup? During this virtual lesson you will speak with one of our trainers about potty training, beginning obedience, crate training and the biting phase. Perfect for puppies up to 16 weeks of age

Board & Train

Puppy Jump Start $2400 (2 weeks)

– The training includes obedience commands, such as: sit, down, place and leash manners. The main focus will be crate, potty, and marker training. This is a leash-only course.

Silver Package $3,600 (3 weeks)

– The training includes obedience commands, such as: sits, downs, stays, climbs, off-commands, waits, and other important commands. The dog will also be taught how to walk on leash, be courteous to new people, and wait at doors. This is a leash-only course. 

Gold Package $6,000 (5 weeks)

– In addition to the on-leash obedience lessons of the prior package, this includes off-leash versions of come, sit & stay, and down & stay commands. -3 Follow up lessons -Remote Collar

Platinum Package $11,600 (10 weeks)

This premium level package includes all of the benefits of the prior packages—including on and off-leash training, in combination with a thorough social and physical conditioning process, which includes a detailed proofing-period so that your dog learns how to maintain all obedience commands in varied circumstances (such as amidst distractions by dogs or the environment). – Remote Collar

Regular Boarding $75/day
Holiday Boarding $100/day

Pick up Your dog for boarding or Board & Train $150 additional
Drop off your dog from Boarding $150 additional
Drop off your dog and do go home lesson $300 additional

Kurt Halvorson
Oscar is passionate about what he does and it shows! Bella just got home from board & train, and she is a totally new dog with great self-control. Oscar has taken a deep interest in her and is still checking in on her often to make sure things are going well… I highly recommend Oscar and ECA!!